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Fix Sims 4 Zoomers Food Delivery not working


When you order food from Zoomers Food Delivery via your phone, they may not always give you your food. The delivery guy or gal arrives with no food bag in their hands. They just stand there in front of your door, do a little twitch and become unclickable. Although there’s no food in your inventory, you are charged for it. Let’s explore how you can fix this problem.

How to fix Zoomers Food Delivery not working in Sims 4

Disable mods

Make sure nothing’s interfering with your game. When a new expansion pack is released, many mods become outdated which may lead to various bugs and glitches. Move your mods folder to your desktop, launch the game again, place a new order, and check if the delivery guy or gal shows up with a food bag this time around.

Add the deliver person to your family

As a quick workaround, you can also add the Zoomer delivery person to your family. Then, take a quick look into their inventory and simply take the food from there. You can then remove the delivery from your family.

Fix this glitch with a mod

Simvasion released a very useful mod that fixes this bug. Basically, this mod changes the animation for the Zoom delivery, and also “removes the interaction suppression buff from the pizza deliverer, so that you can give them a tip or greet them as normal.” Many users confirmed the mod fixed the problem for them. You can download the mod from Simvasions’s website.

Food delivery is a very handy option, especially if your Sims are busy with their careers. Just as in real life, instead of spending precious minutes cooking complicated recipes, you can simply grab the phone, and order food from Zoomers Food Delivery.

Did these tips help you fix the food delivery glitch? Let me know in the comments below.

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