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Do This If Sims Don’t Go To Acting Gigs in Sims 4

fix sim not going to acting gig

There are plenty of career paths that your Sims can embrace and one of them is the acting career. In order to earn a living as an actor, your Sim needs to go to acting gigs. But sometimes, the gig pop-up won’t show up. The good news is there is a way to fix this problem and we’ll show you how.

What prevents Sim from going to acting gigs? This problem usually occurs when you travel or reload the game while the gig is active after audition. Using the Household Manager or CAS shortly after completing an audition also triggers this error code.

Fixed: Sims 4 Actor Career Can’t Go To Work

If your Sim can’t go to an acting gig they auditioned for and got accepted, all you can do is cancel the respective gig. Your Sim won’t be able to complete the gig anyway.

Focus on getting a new gig instead. Remain on the home lot until the new audition begins to avoid any other glitches.

Once you got the new gig, don’t repeat the same mistake. Don’t travel anywhere, don’t use CAS, don’t check the map, don’t operate any changes in the Household Manager, and especially don’t reload the game until the gig pop-up to go to work appears on the screen.

Basically, don’t do anything from the moment you went to the audition and got accepted for the gig and until the option to go to work appears on the screen.

After you click on the gig pop, you can do travel again and save the game. But don’t reload or close the game. That will trigger the same problem again.

Wrapping Up

To wrap up the whole article, if you travel or reload the game (save, quit, load) between finishing your audition and going to your actual gig will prevent your Sim from going to their acting gigs. You can travel or reload the game without any problems before the audition and after the gig ended.

And now you know what prevents your Sim from going to their gigs. This is a really frustrating matter and at least you now know what actions trigger this problem.

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