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Fix: Problem validating your EA Play Subscription Status


If you can’t play FIFA on Xbox because there was a problem validating your EA Play subscription status, check if this is a known issues. Change your console’s MAC address and reinstall the EA Play app. You can also unplug your console and router to completely reset your connection.

Here’s a breakdown of the steps you need to follow.

Check if this is a Microsoft issue

This error message typically indicates your console failed to communicate with Microsoft’s server to validate the license. This means the problem is on Microsoft’s end.

Go to the Xbox Service Status page and check if there are any services down. Wait until the issue gets resolved and try again later.

Change your MAC address

Try changing your console’s MAC address and check if this solution does the trick.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Network settings
  3. Go to Advance settings
  4. Then, select Alternative MAC Address
  5. Hit the Clear button
  6. Your console will restart

Reinstall the EA Play app

Try reinstalling the EA Play app and check if this solution works for you. First, uninstall the app and restart your console. Then, download the app again, install it, and check if the error persists.

Unplug your console and router

Shut down your console and unplug the power cable. Leave your console unplugged for two minutes. Meanwhile, unplug your router as well.

Plug your router and console back into the wall outlet and wait until they fully boot up.

If you’re getting the same error, contact Microsoft Support. You can also contact EA Support for further help.

Note: Some gamers said they solved the problem after spamming the service for 20-30 minutes. However, this is a time-consuming workaround that’s not guaranteed to succeed. Give it a try if you want to.

Let me know if any of these suggestions did the trick for you.


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