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Fix Halo Infinite: Content required is not yet installed


When you’re trying to join Halo Infinite Multiplayer, you may sometimes get an alert that says the content required to play the experience is not yet installed. This indicates the game failed to install all the language packs.

Halo Infinite: Content required to play this experience is not installed

Install the English language pack

Change your system language settings to English to force the game to download the missing language pack.

  1. Navigate to Xbox Settings
  2. Change your language settings to English 
  3. Then, launch Halo Infinite
  4. The game will prompt you to download the English language pack
  5. Install the language pack
  6. Then, set the audio language settings to English
  7. Restart the game and check the results.

Alternatively, go to Halo Infinite Settings, select Manage Game and wait until the game downloads the missing pack.

By the way, if the Play button is greyed out, you can use the same fix to solve the problem.

Happy gaming!

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