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Fix: FIFA 22 freezes or crashes on PS4 or PS5


Many PS4 and PS5 owners complained that FIFA 22 sometimes crashes or freezes on their consoles preventing them from playing the game.

It appears that these two issues often affect Career Mode, but they can also occur out of the blue in mid-game or even at launch.

EA already deployed a hotfix aimed at fixing FIFA 22 crashes but the issue still persists for some players.

Fixing FIFA 22 bugs on your PlayStation console is not a straightforward task, as there is no universal solution available.

The good news is that some gamers found a few fixes to solve these issues, but they may not work for all players.

In this article, we’ll list the solutions and workarounds that players already confirmed to help them fix their FIFA issues. Hopefully, one of these methods will solve the problem for you as well.

How to Fix FIFA 22 Crashes or Freezes on PS4 or PS5

Fix 1 – Restart your console and router

If you haven’t already restarted your console and modem/ router in a while, please do it now.

This simple workaround may help you fix FIFA in less than than five minutes, so you don’t have to resort to complicated and time consuming solutions.

Fix 2 – Update your console and game

Install the latest PS4 or PS5 software updates to make sure that your console is up to date. Also, check if there are any FIFA updates available. Restart your console after installing the updates and check if the game still freezes or crashes.

Fix 3 – Fix connectivity issues

Many players encountered error CE-34878-0 when FIFA crashed on their consoles. Actually, this error code is quite frequent among PS4 and PS5 gamers.

BestGamingTips already compiled a list of fixes that will hopefully help you to fix error CE-34878-0 on PlayStation.

Let us know if any of those solutions fixed the irritating FIFA crashes that you’ve experienced.

Fix 4 – Add players from the global market

If the game crashes when you search for players, try using the global market instead.

Some gamers confirmed that adding players from the global market fixed the problem. Check if this solution does the trick for you as well.

Fix 5 – Change commentary language

As strange as this may sound, changing the commentary language can fix this problem.

So, if you don’t use English as your commentary language, select English, let the console load the game again and then switch back to your original language.

We hope something helps. If you found other solutions to fix FIFA crashes on PlayStation, help us improve this article by listing the steps to follow in the comments section.


Last updated: September 2021

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