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What to do if FIFA skill points are not working


Many FIFA players complained the game won’t give them any skill points or randomly puts them into minus skill points. Being stuck on negative points is not fun at all.

Here’s how gamers describe this problem:

I was literally about to get to level 19 to unlock my third perk, next thing I know, I’m back to level 10?
Exited and restarted pro clubs multiple times yet no correction […] I starting getting minus points?

Let’s explore what you can do about that.

Lost your FIFA skill points and got downgraded?

EA has recently implemented a series of changes to FIFA 22’s skill system. They made levelling up harder by automatically downgrading players that already got to Level 11 or higher. So, this isn’t a bug, it’s a change that EA has added to the game.


The company received a lot of questions about the Pro Clubs update affecting Virtual Pro Skill Points.

Joel Doonan, Player First Operations (PFO) Producer for EA FIFA, provided a full update on Pro Clubs Skill Points on Twitter. To learn more about the new system, watch the video EA posted on Twitter.


Contact EA Support if this is a bug

If you get downgraded again, this is a glitch. As EA explains, players that got to Level 11 or higher were downgraded after the official game release. However, if the problem persists afterwards, contact EA Support for further help.

The company acknowledged many players complained about getting downgraded in Pro clubs.

I‘ve gathered that you have contacted us regarding pro clubs level decrease. Do not worry I will help you in all possible ways.
I would like share that, this is a known issue. We have reports that, players level has been decreased in pro clubs. Our Studio team will do their best to fix this issue. I would suggest you to wait for sometime.

Make sure to check for FIFA updates and install the latest patches as soon as they’re available. Chances are the newest FIFA updates contain important hotfixes that could fix the level downgrading issue so many players have complained about.

Have you experienced similar issues? Did you contact EA Support? What did they say? Let me know in the comments below.

Last updated on October 13 to add a note about the new Pro Clubs Skill Points.


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