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FIFA Seasons: Why do I always have to play against PSG?


FIFA players are sick and tired of playing against PSG in Seasons. Many of them believe Seasons is pretty much unplayable because they’re always playing against the same team (PSG). They suggested EA should limit the amount of time people play against PSG to no more than five in a row.

Getting drawn against PSG over and over again is driving players crazy.

There are two main problems with PSG in Seasons. The first one is with the PSG AI. The computer does all the work for your opponent, they don’t need out-of-this-world skills to win the match. The second problem is that people are performing tricks that would normally get players stripped of the ball.

How to avoid playing against PSG in FIFA Seasons

Switch to a 3 or 4 star team

Try choosing a team with 3 or 4 stars, and use strict matchmaking to avoid playing against PSG. Switching the team you play with to a 4-star team should add more variety to the game.

Unfortunately, 5 star teams always have the same overpowered players. People keep choosing the same team. By limiting their choice to a 4 star team, you’ll actually get more diversity.

Quit before the kickoff

Some gamers use a different strategy to avoid playing against PSG. They either try a mutual quit, or quit before the kickoff. They keep on quitting until they get a non PSG matchup. After many tries, you’ll eventually find someone who’s not playing as PSG.

Here’s how this strategy works:

Just quit before the kickoff, don’t jump the initial animation and you’ll can see if the another player is with PSG. If is, just close the game and search another opponent without losing anything.


To avoid playing against PSG or any other over-powered team in FIFA Seasons, switch to a 3 or 4 star team. Alternatively, you can also try a mutual quit, or quit before the kickoff. The quickest way to avoid PSG is with low-rated teams.


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