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Farming Simulator 22 is riddled with bugs


If you want to try your hand at farming, install Farming Simulator 22 and take on the role of a modern farmer. As it happens with any new game recently launched, Farming Simulator 22 is riddled with a long list of bugs. Here’s what players are complaining about.

Farming Simulator 22 list of bugs

Farming Simulator 22 won’t launch

When gamers try to launch FS 22, the screen goes green after a few seconds, but there’s no visible progress.

I cant launch FS 22 on Steam. When I hit the green play button, it load for a second then just turns green again it doesn’t launch the game, I tried updating GPU drivers […] and I’m out of ideas anyone got any suggestions?

Fix Farming Simulator 22 not loading

Game volume is too low

No matter what players do, the game volume is too low. The issue persists even after maxing out the audio volume in game settings, and PC settings.

I have the same problem with sound. The sounds are turned on at full volume. everything is fine in the interface, while the game is almost inaudible.

FS 22 lags big time

Some players have complained FS 22 is affected by severe lag issues, especially when they quickly change the focus point. It seems that enabling High-Performance Mode only makes matters worse.

Every time I move to look at something, it lags and freezes for a split second to the point where it’s completely pointless playing.

Farm jobs won’t work

Farming Simulator fails to mark farm jobs as complete even if players have successfully completed all the tasks.

I’ve done 4 farm jobs and 2 of them did not work. Both harvest jobs, I harvested the entire field and dropped it off at the designated location, but It still says incomplete, there is no more grain to take to the drop-off location.

Ghosting on graphics

After the sun sets and it gets dark, you may experience ghosting and trails when moving the camera around.

[…] playing on max settings and when it turned night time, I’m getting major ghosting and trails when moving the camera around on the clouds and lights.

Try using regular 4x or 8x Anti-Aliasing without DLSS or DLAA. Check if you notice any improvements.

How to report Farming Simulator 22 bugs

You can use Farming Simulator 22’s Public Bugtracker to report bugs. Go to, and sign up. Then hit the Report an issue button and fill out the bug report form. All bugs are to be reported in English. The devs will close all bug reports submitted in other languages without further comment.

You can go back to your account at any time to check the status of your currently reported issues or report new bugs.

Have you experienced other bugs and glitches apart from the issues already mentioned in this article? Let me know in the comments below.

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