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Elden Ring: Hoarah Loux lore is full of surprises


Hoarah Loux is the first identity of Godfrey, the First Elden Lord. In the second phase of the fight, he becomes a berserker warrior hungry for blood. Let’s explore the lore behind this surprising transformation.

Hoarah Loux lore

After meeting Marika and becoming her consort, Hoarah Loux took the name Godfrey and became the first Elden Lord. In order to control his warrior  impulses and lust for blood, he took the spectral Beast Regent Serosh on his back. Godfrey then lead Marika’s armies against the Giants and protected the Erdtree.

After shedding his original persona and becoming Godfrey, Hoarah Loux adapted a completely different manner of speaking and fighting. Serosh, the lion helped him hold back his old berserker self so that he could fulfill the role of Elden Lord.

As Godfrey’s icon reads:

Godfrey was a ferocious warrior. When he vowed to become a lord, he took the Beast Regent Serosh upon on his back to suppress the ceaseless lust for battle that raged within.

After beating his last major rival, Godfrey’s warrior spirit sank. As a result, Marika exiled him from The Lands Between. This marks the moment when Godfrey became Hoarah Loux once again.

As the Elden Lord Armor reads:

He led the War against the Giants. Faced the Storm Lord, alone. And then, there came a moment. When his last worthy enemy fell. And it was then, as the story is told, that the hue of Lord Godfrey’s eyes faded.

The Rememberance of Hoarax Loux reveals more details about his story:

When Godfrey, first Elden Lord was robbed of his grace, becoming Tarnished, he took with him his kinfolk and left the Lands Between. After the Long March of the Tarnished came to an end, Godfrey divested himself of kingship, becoming a simple warrior once more.

Why does Godfrey turn into Hoarah Loux?

Godfrey turns into Hoarah Loux after Marika exiled him from The Lands Between. He re-embraces the identity of a warrior driven by bloodlust. In the second phase of the fight, Godfrey kills Serosh, discards his lion armor and fight you bare-handed as Hoarah Loux, the Warrior.

After bringing Godfrey down to half health, he releases Serosh from his service in order to be access his berserker warrior power.

Players must fight Godfrey twice. The first fight takes place at the Erdtree Sanctuary when you must fight the golden phantom of Godfrey. The second fight takes place at the Elden Throne before the end of the game.

And now you know.

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