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How to turn off screenshot notifications on PS5


When you take a screenshot on your PS5 console, you also get a notification that lets you know… you just took a screenshot. Many PS5 users really hate these pesky screenshot notifications. The good news is that you can quickly disable them.

How do I turn off screenshot notifications on PS5?

  1. Go to PS5 Settings.
  2. Navigate to Shortcuts for Create Button.
  3. Locate the option that says Display Save Confirmation for Screenshots.
  4. Toggle this option off to disable screenshot notifications on PS5.

turn off screenshot confirmation PS5

Rest assured, you’ll still hear the shutter sound when taking a quick screenshot. Disabling save confirmation for screenshots won’t turn off the audio alert.

Being able to disable screenshot notifications is very handy. In this manner, you don’t need to worry about timing up your screenshots anymore. And you don’t need to wait for the perfect screenshot angle either.

Screenshot notifications can ruin perfect screenshots which means you need to start all over again. Fortunately, you can now disable this option in PS5 Settings.

As a quick reminder, PS4 users had the option to disable screenshot alerts right from the day the console was launched. On the other hand, PS5 users had to wait for 10 months for Sony to add this feature. Kind of a long wait for such a useful option, if you ask me.



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