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Death Stranding: Why does Sam handcuff himself to bed?


If you’re new to Death Stranding, you may be wondering why Sam handcuffs himself to bed. At first, this might seem like a strange thing to do. But if you look at this action closer, you’ll notice that Sam does that for a clear reason.

Why does Sam cuff himself to bed when he sleeps?

The handcuffs that Sam uses when he sleeps extract his blood. The blood is used by Deadman for research and to store blood bags. When you wake up, you’ll see a notification that says “Blood bag stored in private locker“.

The catch is that you can’t generate blood bags every time you sleep. You actually need to leave some time in between sleep sessions to generate them.

As you can see, being hooked up to the bed is for blood extractions. And now, let’s talk about why blood bags are so important in Death Stranding.

How do you use blood bags in Death Stranding?

Blood Bags are essential items in Death Stranding. They allow you to store blood. Many weapons use blood as ammo and you can also use them to prevent Sam from getting hurt. If you sustain damage, the blood bags will automatically replenish any blood you lose filling your health bar back up.

That’s why you should always carry blood bags, you never know when you may need them. Similarly, make sure you always replenish your blood bag stock in the private locker.

Blood-draining weapons drain blood from the bags. After emptying a blood bag, the game will automatically switch to a new bag.

By the way, to avoid occupying a lot of space in Sam’s backpack, place your blood bags in the Utility Bag. You can carry at least 3 blood bags at all times in the Utility Bag.

⇒ Quick tip: Follow Doctor’s orders to get your hands on a high capacity blood bag. This type of blood bag can store more blood than regular bags. High capacity blood bags will come in handy when you sustain severe damage.

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