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Apex Legends: What does “Code Snake” mean?

apex legends code snake
Error code Snake may sometimes pop up on your screen unexpectedly preventing you from connecting to Apex Legends’ servers.

What does Code Snake mean in Apex Legends?

Code Snake is an Apex Legends error code that indicates you’ve been temporarily banned from playing the game. The servers have temporarily banned you from connecting probably due to multiple connection requests over a short period of time. Rest assured, you can join the game after 24 hours.

Wait for 24 hours to avoid permanent bans

Many players suggested that you should wait for a day before playing Apex Legends again. If you try to reconnect immediately after getting error code Snake, you may get a permanent ban.

I played, got kicked for no reason with Code: Snake. Tried playing again and got a perma ban. 2 appeals have been rejected, stating that they “have confirmed I was cheating and will not lift the ban”. I made a new account and it got banned after one game too. I tried everything, I cannot play apex legends whatsoever. This is a serious issue and I also recommend to stop playing until they fix this.

If your Internet connection is not stable and you’re experiencing bandwidth issues, you may get disconnected from the game. Frequent disconnections may get your account temporarily banned.

Submit an appeal for the ban

If you believe the ban is a mistake, get in touch with EA’s Terms of Service team. Sign in to your EA account, go to the email section and click on the Plus sign. Fill out the webform and include as much information as possible. Tell EA you haven’t done anything wrong and ask them to review your case.

Other than that, you can simply wait for 24 hours for the ban to expire.

Have you ever got error code Snake when playing Apex Legends? What did you do? Did you wait it out? Let me know in the comments below.


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