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Get Rid of Game Lag on PS4 With These Methods

troubleshoot PS4 game lagging

We all hate game lag — this irritating issue often prevents gamers from enjoying their favorite games. Unfortunately fixing lagging games is not an easy task.

In this article, we’ll list a series of solutions that you can use to fix lag on PS4. If you already powered down your router for 5 minutes, so it can get a new IP address from your ISP and the issue persists, then use the troubleshooting suggestions listed below.

Of course, you can help us improve this article by listing your own suggestions on how to fix game lag on PS4.

Solutions to Fix Game Lag on PS4

1 Check network connection settings and optimize them If you’re lagging, this means that you’ve got a low download speed. Obviously, increasing download speed can help you fix this problem.

Follow the steps listed below to properly set your network connection:

  1. Go to Settings > go to Network > select Test Internet Connection to make sure that your network is up and running
  2. Now, go to Set Up Internet Connection > select your connection type (WiFi or LAN)
  3. Select Custom > select your network > go to IP Settings > select Automatic
  4. At DHCP Host Name > select Do not specify
  5. For DNS Settings > select Manual > set as your Primary DNS > set as your Secondary DNS
  6. Hit Next > go to MTU Settings > select Manual > set 1476 > hit Next
  7. For Proxy server > select Do Not Use

Now, test your Internet connection. This time you should get a higher download speed. Aim for a download speed of at least 10 MB.

Test your connection several times and if you’re still getting under 10 MB, disconnect all other devices and apps using your WiFi or get a LAN cable.

You can also try to change your router’s WiFi settings from N (300mps) to B or G.

2 Free up some space Make sure that you’ve got enough free space on your console. If you’re low on free space, this may cause system slowdowns which will then trigger game lag.

  1. Go to Settings > System Storage Management
  2. There are four main areas that you want to check and delete any unnecessary files and folders:
    • Applications
    • Capture Gallery
    • Application Saved Data
    • Themes
  3. Simply select the content you want to delete > hit the Options button > hit Delete.
3 Update your console Make sure that you’re running the latest system software version on your console. Go to this page to download PS4 system updates.


4 Make sure there are no overheating issues Overheating problems may also affect your console’s performance and trigger game lag issues. Unplug all cables and allow your console to cool down for about half an hour. Also, make sure that you place it in a well ventilated location.
5 Connect your PS4 to a laptop hotspot Quite a few gamers suggested that connecting the console to a laptop’s hotspot may fix this problem. While this workaround may not work for everyone, it’s worth giving it a try.


To fix lag issues on your PS4, check your network connection. First, restart your router, then use a cable connection, and disable proxy. Alternatively, you can use a different connection. Then, free up some space on your console hard drive. Additionally, update your PS4 console to the latest system software version and ensure it doesn’t get abnormally hot.

I hope something helped. If you’ve come across other solutions to fix game lag on PS4, let us know in the comments below.


Initially published in June 2020. Last updated in December 2021 to add additional information.

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