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Hi! I’m Mark

Hi there! Welcome to BestGamingTips.

If you’re on this page, this means you want to learn more about this website, and, well, about me.

My name is Mark Schusste and I’m a big fan of video games. The first thing that I do after I get home from the office is turn on my PS4 or Mac and hit the Play button.

I created this website out of frustration — really. There was a time when my favorite game of all times, The Sims, was full of glitches. And the fact that I could not find any solutions to fix it got me even more frustrated.

Bu then I realized I was not the only one. So I decided to create this website and help fellow gamers in distress. I also noticed there was a stage in almost all the games where players got stuck and leveling up seemed impossible. So I decided to cover that area as well.

In a way, BGT is my playground.

I once had the dream of becoming a professional gamer and quitting my regular 9 to 5 job. But I could not leave my corporate job. I kind of like all the rush and stress I live everyday at the office.

And so, I directed my attention and time to this website.

If my guides were useful to you and brought you the answer or solution you were looking for, then I’m a happy man.