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What is EtherBots? Read this game review to find out

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EtherBots is an interesting cryptocurrency game build on blockchain technology that challenges players to collect and build warrior robots. You can then use your robots to battle other players and win new parts that you can use to upgrade your robots. Here’s what you need to know about this Ethereum-based game.

EtherBots blockchain game

  • General gameplay overview

As a player, you need to collect and build EtherBots using four different parts: Body, Defense Arm, Melee Arm and Turret. Each of these parts plays a special role in the game: you can use Defense Arm elements to defend yourself against attacks, while the Melee Arm lets you wage vicious attacks against your opponents. It is worth mentioning that each and every EtherBot part is an ERC721 token, which means that you have full ownership over your Robot.

Once you’ve built your Robot, you can enter 1v1 duels. This is the perfect opportunity to upgrade your Robot as you can win new parts to improve its armor or attack weapons. Of course, you can also sell these new items on the marketplace if you want.

  • The Robots

As a player, you can build over four million unique warrior Robots. Blockchain technology enables uniqueness and scarcity, so you can be sure that no other player has similar Robots.

However, some Robots may be equipped with similar parts. This happens because some parts are very common, while others are extremely rare and powerful. So, even if you may encounter Robots that share one common feature with your Robots, they will never be 100% identical.

  • Duel other Robots to win new parts

There are two ways that you can level up your Robot: either you enter a duel and hope to win, or you can buy better parts on the marketplace. Every time you win a battle, you’ll get a special reward, such as the Legendary Gold LightSaber that you can see in the screenshot below.

  • How to play EtherBots

First of all, you need to install MetaMask. This is a browser extension that allows you to interact with Ethereum blockchains. Basically, this will be your in-browser Ether wallet that you can use to buy and sell Etherbots parts.

Once you’ve installed MetaMark, you need to top up your account with some Ether in order to buy upgrade parts and pay transaction fees. Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to enter the EtherBots world and play.

Have you played EtherBots? Do you like the game?

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